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Finding the quiet

In the chaos and unsettling of today, I have come to the evening reminding myself of my new goal of simplicity and peace.

There are chores to be done, that I don’t want to do.
There is exercise for the taking, that I am feeling so lethargic about.

Okay, find the peace.
Find the simplicity in the quiet of the house, the purring of my cat.

Get off the computer, away from the TV and find the quiet.


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It’s such a beautiful word.

I think it is what we all strive for.


We make our lives so complicated.  And I think so much of the time it is out of our control.  Our unconscious patterns kick in …  and there it is… chaos, complication, unease.

For me, it is an eating disorder.

My mind goes round and round with constant cravings and my day is a chaos of food and emotion and criticism and judgment…  chaos.

Today, I have felt simplicity.

And I have felt how beautiful and peaceful it can be.

The normal chaos of my mind hasn’t been there for very long today – fleeting moments infesting the quiet and the beauty.

Beautiful simplicity and quiet.

I can pinpoint the reasons why.

  • Sylvia Brownes book  “The other side and back”
  • Getting sick and the coincidence of appointments with both my naturopath and my ayuvedic massure.  Finally working out the core problem with my physical body.
  • Coming to terms with what I want in my life and where I am right now.
  • Being so happy and grateful to have found Dave and to be living with him and sharing my life with him.
  • Having a few days off from work from being ill and discovering how much I like simply being at home and wanting to potter and do so many things around our home.

It was interesting to find out that just meeting someone wonderful was not the instigator in suddenly not craving food.  It didn’t work that way.  I had to find that peaceful within myself.
And having some time off took me away from the complication of work and busy, busy, busy.

My goal now is to find that simplicity and peacefulness in all areas of my life.
To be able to come home and sink into the home life that I am feeling right now.
To not get distracted by chaotic energy and stay within the peaceful, loving spirit energy I am feeling right now.

Perhaps this needs to be the new focus for my blog.

Finding, sharing and living…




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