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My life is one of constant evolution (at least I hope so!). My blog gives the me the opportunity and the space to look for the positive and the magic in my everyday world. To be able to bring it into focus through the reality of words and to share this with the world outside my own little head.


A wonderful addition to my family - Max - along with his owner Dave, of course!!

A wonderful addition to my family - Max - along with his owner Dave, of course!!

Well there has been no update on the bread, because we haven’t had any real success! We had two loaves that were “ok”, but they still didn’t rise very well.  We have another recipe to try that is quite different so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been insanely busy these last few weeks.  The new school year hasn’t settled into a routine yet  and I am still fighting between so glad to be back at work and not wanting to work like this anymore.   But overall, I think this year is going to be much better workwise than last year, so I am keen to see how that progresses.

I am missing my old blogger site and thinking I may head back there.  I’m just not sure.  There are things I can do here, like seperate pages, but there are things I miss from blogger, like easy to do widgets.  Blogger feels more homely to me, but is that just because I am used to it?  People know me from blogger also.  Will people come over to this wordpress site.  I won’t know that I guess, because I am just not in the loop of blogging at the moment.  Actually for a long moment.  However, it is only fair to give it a go!  So here is where I will stay for a while.

  • I’m looking forward to life settling down.
  • I’m looking forward to finding my groove.
  • I’m looking forward to photographing again.
  • I’m looking forward to bushwalking again.

After watching the movie “The Women” today (wow, a whole movie with NO men!), I’ve decided to do a list of things that I want.  Two of them are already above, bushwalking and photography.

Why I can’t get back into these things I don’t know.  They are two of things I love doing most in this world.  Anybody got any ideas? 

I often wonder what it is that stops us from achieving our goals.  If I ever find the answer I will post it on here first thing!  But if you know the answer already, let me know!!  🙂 🙂

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Today’s the day of trying out the bread.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

Today is also about getting back into the accounting.  I’ve had a lovely break from it over the summer holidays!  So I don’t want to get back into this routine again!  Ah well, it’s gotta be done.

We got worked hard in kickboxing last night.  I am sore all over.  I can’t decide which part of me hurts the most!  The last couple of weeks, the weather has been so hot that our coach took it easy on us.  Now it’s much cooler.  And the sadist that he is (!), the first thing he said was “right, it’s not hot tonight, you’re in for it!  It’s time to catch up!”  And did we ever!  Wow.  A great coach and an awesome guy.  superstock_1080-143kickboxing-workout-posters

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Wheat free bread

Mum and Dad gave us a bread maker for Christmas.  We are so excited about it.  Our wheat free bread costs us $7 a loaf from the health store – an expense we are looking forward to cutting down by making our own.

Yet, after several attempts, its turning out to be a lot harder to make gluten free bread than we thought.  And then, thanks to our baker friend, we realised the problem is the lack of gluten.  We are not gluten intolerant, just wheat intolerant.  And it is the gluten in bread that keeps it risen.   All the bread mixes out there that are wheat free are also gluten free.   Since realising this, I have looked for, but not been able to buy, just a wheat free bread mix.

It’s a pity I didn’t think to take pictures of the previous failed attempts.  You would have died laughing at the mishapen, sunken lumps of cooked dough that have come out of the bread maker!!!

We have TWO solutions though!

Learning how to make wheat free bread

Learning how to make wheat free bread

  1. I went to the local health store and bought a bag of gluten to add to the the gluten free mixes.
  2. And I also bought spelt flour, which has gluten in it and which is what our bought bread is made from.  We are going to try a spelt flour recipe as well and see how we go.

I’ll take a photo of our attempt and post it.  Fingers crossed!

Does anyone else out there make their own wheat free bread?  Do you use a bread maker?  Any suggestions????

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The Individual Me

Hello to anyone still out there!!  And thank you for looking over here at this Word Press blog.

Why am I on Word Press you ask?  Well, I have taken on the responsibility of developing the website for the Flute Society of South Australia and the previous web designer placed it on Word Press.  And, as some time ago, I began a personal Word Press as an experiment, I figured I needed to absorb myself in this world and learn all the ins and outs.

I began a post on my beloved Blogger site and then thought of this.  So, I transferred it over and here I go on a new adventure.  I LOVE Blogger, and am heaving a big sigh at having to readjust over here at Word Press.  However, I am excited about developing the Flute Society’s website and am determined to learn all I can to make it a good site.

So, what’s been going on for me?  Life is so different for me now, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I don’t how all you women out there in relationships and with children do it! I begin a live-in relationship – just the two of us (and sundry animals)- and don’t get time for anything else!

One thing I am learning at the moment though, is the importance of still being the individual me. I can’t say I’m doing too well with that at the moment. But, as always, I’m still working on it!

  • The individual me is going to sort through all my nature shots and place them on the walls.
  • The individual me is going to stop carrying around so much baggage.
  • The individual me is going to begin, once again, taking photos of the world around her.
  • The individual me is going to experiment in the spare room with paint colours that will eventually go through the rest of the house.
  • The individual me has gotten back to going to Curves and walking regularly.
  • The individual me has blogged her first post in ages!
  • The individual me is continuing to develop and work on her own individual life

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Welcome to my new blog!

It is time for me to try something new and begin to broaden my blogging education!

This is the very early result of that new journey!

It is definately in the early stages. I have a long way to go to achieve my vision of what I want my blog be and to look like. But it’s a start! I hope that I can eventually understand all that is confusing me at the moment.

I’d like to thank Krista for inspiring me to make this move. Her blog motivated me to want to expand mine and her willingness to help me through emails is wonderful. Thank you Krista!

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