Wheat free bread

08 Feb

Mum and Dad gave us a bread maker for Christmas.  We are so excited about it.  Our wheat free bread costs us $7 a loaf from the health store – an expense we are looking forward to cutting down by making our own.

Yet, after several attempts, its turning out to be a lot harder to make gluten free bread than we thought.  And then, thanks to our baker friend, we realised the problem is the lack of gluten.  We are not gluten intolerant, just wheat intolerant.  And it is the gluten in bread that keeps it risen.   All the bread mixes out there that are wheat free are also gluten free.   Since realising this, I have looked for, but not been able to buy, just a wheat free bread mix.

It’s a pity I didn’t think to take pictures of the previous failed attempts.  You would have died laughing at the mishapen, sunken lumps of cooked dough that have come out of the bread maker!!!

We have TWO solutions though!

Learning how to make wheat free bread

Learning how to make wheat free bread

  1. I went to the local health store and bought a bag of gluten to add to the the gluten free mixes.
  2. And I also bought spelt flour, which has gluten in it and which is what our bought bread is made from.  We are going to try a spelt flour recipe as well and see how we go.

I’ll take a photo of our attempt and post it.  Fingers crossed!

Does anyone else out there make their own wheat free bread?  Do you use a bread maker?  Any suggestions????

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